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New Student Registration

The following process allows you to register your child with the Red Deer Public Schools. IF your child has previously registered in a school within Red Deer Public School District, and you remember your Parent Portal Login, please follow the RSVP Process for returning students (Click here for instructions). If this is the first time registering your child with Red Deer Public Schools, please continue with this New Student Registration Process

The Registration is broken out into three steps.
  1. Address/School Choice.

    • By filling out the Date of Birth, the default Grade for your child will be presented.
    • By selecting the Grade, Program and Neighbourhood, the Designated School will be highlighted.
  2. Child Specific Information

    • Legal Name (Last/First) is required. The name MUST appear the same as what is on the supporting Documents you will be providing (Birth Certificate, passport, etc...)
    • AKA Name is entered ONLY if you prefer a name that is different than the Legal Name.
    • Your address is required for determining your Designated School.
  3. Parent Guardian

    • This will be the main contact for this application. Once your child has been processed at the school, you will be able to enter the complete registration (Other Parent/Guardians, contacts...) The Parent guardian field that you are entering here is to allow us to contact you once the application is processed.