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New Student Registration

Welcome to Red Deer Public Schools! If this is the first time registering your child with Red Deer Public, please continue with this New Student Registration Process.

If your child is an existing student in Red Deer Public Schools, please log into your PowerSchool Parent Portal to fill out the Red Deer Student Verification Process (RSVP). Don’t remember your password or have not set up your account? Please contact the school your child last attended.

If your child has previously been enrolled with Red Deer Public and is returning, and you remember your PowerSchool Parent Portal Login, please follow the Red Deer Student Verification Process (RSVP) for returning students.

The New Student Registration Process is broken out into three steps.
  1. Designated School or School of Choice

    • By filling out the field ‘Child’s Date of Birth’, the default grade for your child will be presented.
    • By selecting the grade, program and neighbourhood, your designated school will be highlighted
    • Red Deer Public Schools also offers the option to choose the school in which you hope your child will attend. This is based on space and resources and is not guaranteed, but will be considered.
  2. Child Specific Information

    • Legal Name (last/first) is required. The name MUST match the supporting documents you will be asked to provide (birth certificate, passport, etc.)
    • A preferred name is entered ONLY if your child prefers a name that is different than their legal name.
  3. Contact Information

    • This will be the main contact for the New Student Registration Process. Once the school has reviewed the information, you will be notified via email with instructions on how to complete the process. You will then be able to add other parent/guardian and emergency contacts for your child.